City of College Park 2022 Redistricting

Redistricting 2022

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Council approves October Plan 1 Map for New Council Districts

During the November 15, 2022 Council Meeting, the City Council unanimously approved Ordinance 22-O-09 which contains the October Plan 1 map for the City’s new Council Districts. These will be the new Council Districts for the November 2023 City election. The City Council voted to postpone indefinitely Ordinance 22-O-10, since once the other ordinance was approved there was not a reason to act on Ordinance 22-O-10.

The City Charter (§C2-2, “Districts”) requires that the Council review council district boundaries at least once every 10 years, soon after the decennial census is available. The Charter requires that the sum of the population and actual voters (voters in either the immediately preceding city election or statewide election) be substantially equal in every district. Federal law has been interpreted to require districts to vary in population by less than five percent of the ideal population. On February 22, 2022 the City Council approved Resolution 22-R-04 that established a Redistricting Commission to assist in this review.

The Commission met 11 times between May 23, 2022 and October 11, 2022. It determined that the City is required to redistrict due to the differences in the population of the current districts and the Commission provided a number of maps for residents and the Council to consider. Additional information about the Commission’s work, including the draft report and maps, is provided below.

On October 25, 2022 the City Council introduced two ordinances regarding new Council districts. Ordinance 22-O-09 is based on the October Plan 1 map, and Ordinance 22-O-10 is based on the 3A map. You can view these maps, the current districts, and other features on the interactive map here.

On November 15th, the City Council held a public hearing on the ordinances and the two different Council District maps.  After the public hearing the Council voted unanimously to approve Ordinance 22-O-09 containing the October Plan 1 map.



Robert Day


Jordan Dewar


D. W. Rowlands


Betty Colonomos

Val Graham

Alan Hew

John Krouse

Fritz Leopold

Delmar Nelson

Nathaniel Rickard

Marilyn Yang

Staff Liaisons:

Bill Gardiner

Assistant City Manager

Suellen Ferguson

City Attorney

Jacob Vassalotti

GIS Analyst/Engineering Technician

Redistricting Commission

The charge to the Commission includes a review of the population and voters to determine if reapportionment is necessary; scheduling public hearings and receiving public input on the factors to consider if reapportionment is necessary; developing three plans to submit to the Mayor and Council based on a four-district, two council members per district model; and the criteria and other considerations upon which to base a recommended reapportionment.

Commission Meetings and Maps

The Redistricting Commission was officially constituted on April 26, 2022 and the members were given the Commission charge as outlined in 22-R-04.

The Commission reviewed 2020 Census data as well as data provided by the University and by large multi-unit residential buildings (existing and under construction). It reviewed more than a dozen draft maps created by a consultant and by a Commission member.

In September the Commission held public presentations and provided maps for public comment. The draft maps used three population scenarios: a draft map based on the 2020 Census data; a draft map based on the estimated number of new residents at the end of 2022; and three draft maps based on the number of residents at the end of 2023. On September 27th the Commission provided a presentation and a draft final report to the Mayor and Council. The presentation included five maps, but the Commission recommended to the Council that it use the population estimates for 2023.

Council Feedback and Introduction of Ordinances 22-O-09 and 22-O-10

Council provided feedback and subsequently requested that the Commission create a map that places a higher priority on retaining the core of existing districts. On October 10th the Redistricting Commission approved three additional maps for Council consideration. It noted that the Commission believes the original 2023 maps met the charge to the Commission better than the October maps.

The Mayor and Council discussed these additional maps and on October 25th introduced two ordinances on redistricting. Ordinance 22-O-09 would use the October Plan 1 map for the new district boundaries, and Ordinance 22-O-10 would use the Plan 3A for the new district boundaries.

If you have questions about the Commission, please email or call Bill Gardiner, Assistant City Manager, at 240-487-3501.